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Laval R-CAM 1000 downhole camera systems are available for hire. The system can be delivered on site within 24 hours of receiving your hire order. The systems is completely portable, come with a full set of instructions, and can be set up and operational within 30 minutes of delivery.

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The Laval R-Cam 1000 XLT downhole camera is a completely portable, self-contained video inspection system that can inspect boreholes up to 300 metres (1000 ft) deep and 30.5cm in diameter. The R-CAM 1000 XLT camera has the ability to increase and decrease lighting on demand with 5 adjustable light settings.

The R-Cam 1000 XLT borehole camera system combines all the features of a full, professional system with breakthrough affordability. Developed as a cost-effective system for the smaller operator, it delivers real-time inspection footage on-site. Using the R-Cam 1000 XLT downhole camera allows operators to offer an enhanced and quality service by giving clients the opportunity to view well conditions and approve completed works.

This lightweight, smaller size, professional grade borehole camera comes with its own trolley and features include down and side viewing capability, an on-screen depth counter, 9″ DVR monitor, 16GB of internal storage (Supplied with 16GB and 32GB external usb flash drives), 12V DC power supply and a portable battery.

                              Examples of down and side view video stills, all footage taken from R-CAM 1000 XLT.

NEW Features of the XLT camera:

  • State of the art solid state DVR that records survey footage to 16GB internal storage and/or expandable USB flash drive.
  • Mini bluetooth keyboard remote (qwerty)
  • Survey footage is exported natively in a single .mp4 format file
  • DVR recording and playback feature, image capture
  • Add text details at the start of your survey
  • Built in microphone recorder, so you can add voiceover at the touch of a button
  • Five stages of adjustable lighting

Geoquip Water Solutions are the sole European distributors of the Laval R-Cam 1000 XLT downhole camera. We provide a comprehensive technical advice service and a complete after sales care plan.

Ideal for:

  • Periodic inspections to determine existing well conditions and perform preventative maintenance
  • After service inspections to verify cleaning, repairs, track well conditions and ensure compliance
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Ground water monitoring to determine quality, mineral conditions, geological strata etc.
  • Locating and retrieving lost tools
  • New construction inspection to display the quality of work and offer customer assurance


  • Dual wide angle colour camera, side and downview
  • Digital on screen depth counter
  • 9″ Monitor with built in recording/playback feature
  • 18 Super bright Water Clear LED Downview lights
  • 32 Super Bright Water Clear LED Sideview camera
  • Powered reel with adjustable speed
  • Supplied with 16GB and 32GB external usb flash drives
  • 1000ft (300m) Kevlar Reinforced cable (340 kg Breaking strength)
  • Slip ring technology 360’ dual rotation (side facing camera)
  • 2 wheeled trolley for ultimate mobility
  • Portable 12v battery and charger (min 4 hr run time)
  • Crush proof durable & portable control case
  • 3 metre (10ft) surplus cable (reel to control case) to allow use inside
  • vehicle during survey
  • 90 cm (36 ins) extendable boom for positioning over borehole
  • Camera Centering bands
  • LCD battery Voltage monitor

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